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TrainRight Inc. is a professional education and consulting firm providing customized training programs, coaching initiatives, keynote presentations and group seminars. We specialize in eliminating self-created problems and distractions that impede productivity and developing the cognitive skills of focus, concentration, creative problem solving, and critical and positive thinking. We assist our clients with individual effectiveness, conflict resolution, time management, stress management, team building, professional and effective workplace communications, leadership development, coaching and feedback.

Kevin Stacey, MBA, is a productivity expert who combines his military background, management training and experience as a healthcare clinician and successful manager at the nation’s largest managed-care company to bring experience, wisdom and perspective to your organization. His programs provide concrete information and practical solutions for business problems. Kevin’s knowledge, experience, warm demeanor and sense of humor create a human connection with employees that motivates them to make positive changes. At TrainRight, we instill your employees with the desire to change. We teach them why change is critical and demonstrate what it costs them, personally and professionally, when they continue with their current attitudes. We then teach the practical skills needed to implement and sustain new behavior patterns.

TrainRight has a proven record of helping organizations enhance their environment and productivity. Our clients include IBM, Ford Motor Company, The New York Times, JP Morgan Chase, Pharmacia, Bayer, Goody Hair Care, United Technologies, Boeing, Sara Lee and a multitude of associations and governmental agencies. Our services help these and other clients achieve increased performance, higher employee retention, greater job satisfaction and improved service quality.

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